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Bamba 60'

The Bamba 60' motorsailer is designed to meet the demands of a large long-haul boat robust and durable, with the same qualities as the Trawler Catamaran Bamba 50'. The displacement of the Bamba 60' motorsailer allows the production of a hull made of aluminium or composite, while the superstructures remain in composite materials. The autonomy of Bamba 60' motorsailer is greater than Trawler Catamaran Bamba 50', at identical speeds.?The downwind rig is easy to use and helps reduce fuel consumption. In its motorsailer version, the Bamba 60' includes daggerboard casings and a classic rig allowing close-hauling. The fittings of Bamba 60' motorsailer are more spacious than those of Trawler catamaran Bamba 50' and are semi-custom designed, according to your wishes and tastes.
design stage
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